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Super Prosthetics Project

The award winning Super Prosthetics Project is about exploring armwear as an object of empowerment, choice and identity. The purpose is to conduct a series of creative experiments to challenge current ideas of prosthetics and explore what a wearer might choose to create in that space if he/she could have any functionality or aesthetic. It is hoped that the project will culminate in a series of exciting objects that will allow a wearer to do or experience something extra-ordinary.

The project is being conducted at the Royal College of Art in London by Becky Pilditch and with the help of Holly Franklin. It has developed in conversation with individuals who wear and make prosthetics limbs and the blog has been created to make the process visible for those who wish to share ideas and continue dialogue on the subject.

Check out the blog and feel free to comment on the material. Becky and I would love to hear your thoughts.