Ms. Hook

2010 – 2011

I got hooked on scuba diving in 2008. I really like the adventure and the lifestyle that comes with diving. I’m so keen on it all that I’m took a sabbatical from my job, moved to Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt and spent 3 months doing a Scuba Instructor internship with Ocean College. I spent another 8 months in Sharm as a Scuba Instructor. Unfortunately I couldn’t stay and I’m back driving a desk again – daydreaming of the underwater world.

Why did I bother with a blog? Well, it was my way of sharing my experience, not only with friends and family, but anyone else that is interested. Maybe it may inspire people to dive, no matter what their ability may be.

I wanted to have an identity of some type to run my blog under, Ms. Hook was the winner. It’s not exactly original is it? Out of the many names I came up with I thought it was coolest and it inspired me to draw a cool logo to go with it.

I hope you enjoy my random dive life ramblings.