The challenge continues

Ms. Hook

I thought my time here would be about overcoming physical challenges, but right now its just a challenge to work.

Im sure many of you have heard a lot of late about Sharm El Sheikh and Egypt in general. As Divernet wrote, Sharm seemed to be suffering from the trinity of sharks [attacks in December], season and the political turmoil. A combination of low tourist season, unusual shark attacks, snowstorms across Europe and now a country in crisis has hit the tourism industry and were all feeling it.

As I write this Sharm is still a safe place to be. There are no protests, riots or tanks on the streets. Many people are still laying in the sunshine enjoying their holidays. We still have quite a few guests coming to dive with Ocean College. The diving here is still great. As there are a lot less people in town you sometimes get to be the only boat on a dive site.

The effect to the tourism/diving industry leaves me (and other instructors) with a lot of idle time. I have attempted to be productive Ive made a ton of new hair ties, re-worked my web site, exercised a bit, but Ive generally just sat around like a couch potato. Im watching the news closely. What a historic time for Egypt. I only have a superficial view of the situation, so I will not comment on it. I am grateful I got to see Cairo in November.

All this sitting around leads me to question myself am I living my dream? During the last few days I have (once the internet came back) found my finger hovering over the book flight button quite a few times. It doesnt help that the Australian Embassy is now advising Australians to leave Egypt, not just Cairo or Alexandria. Im in two minds now about what to do, the magic 8 ball isnt of much help, friends want me to stay here, friends want me back in London and my family want me to come home (but they always do!). However what do I want?


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