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Ms. Hook

Ive been working as a dive instructor for 6 weeks now. For the first few weeks I was scheduled to teach Discover Scuba Diver. This is the introduction to scuba diving, done in half a day. Its a bit of a rushed morning. We describe a bit of dive theory, cover scuba kit, sort out the gear and then get them in the water.

Many guests enjoy the experience so much they come back for more diving, but many dont get past the first few minutes in the water. In the beginning I would finish the day more upset that I couldnt coax a guest to stay in the water instead of focusing on the successes of the dive. Scuba diving isnt for everyone; its got nothing to do with me.

Over the 6 weeks, I also got to do a bit of scuba and snorkel guiding. Guiding is much easier than teaching, allowing you to focus on finding interesting things in the water and enjoying the dive.

Snorkel guiding is good fun too, you see things from a different angle, dont have to worry about air consumption. I also get a chance to adjust the short tan lines on my legs that we all get from scuba diving in shorts and not a full wetsuit tan lines are one of my biggest concerns these days!

The other week, I was given my first Open Water course to teach. In my opinion, it was a very messy first try! I had 5 students, 1 was there as an open water diver and 4 were signed up as Scuba Divers. Day 1 went easy, a few videos and theory and a dive. Day 2 got a little bit harder with ear problems and reluctance to do skills. By the end of the day 1 student passed as a scuba diver, the others all planned to continue on as open water divers. Day 3 and I only have 3 students; the 4th had called in sick. One of the 3 with me was not very well, but he was determined to get through the day and keep up with his mates. The 3 students decided to take two days off to recover from illness. The belated day 4 of the course actually went quite well, skills and dives all completed and 3 new certified Open Water divers. I never did see the other student; I hear he got signed off as a scuba diver.

I just finished another open water course yesterday; it went a lot better the second time around. I was only able to qualify 3 out of 4 of my students (one couldnt equalize his ears; therefore he couldnt complete the required dives). I was more relaxed this time, allowing me to enjoy teaching and have a bit of fun with the students.

Today Im enjoying a day off from the sun and sea. The last time I had a day off was 12 days ago when I was stuck in bed for three days with a twisted ankle and a cold. Ive got to be more careful walking around the streets here! I guess I can say am the lucky one as only a few days after I did my ankle in, Clare a fellow instructor and creator of DiveBunnie did a similar thing on the street and is now at home for 6 weeks with a broken foot. I went bonkers after 3 days at home I wish Clare speedy recovery and sanity to survive the boredom.


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