Instructor development….the number 1 club

Ms. Hook

So day 4 of the IDC is over with. Yay!

The long hours of study, presentations, skills and homework is catching up with me. My concentration is starting to lapse and Im giving Jilly blank looks a lot more often now.

Yesterday we spent 2 hours in the pool doing 4 skills. The other student from Red Sea College and I both had two skills to brief above water and underwater, demonstrate the skill and rectify student mistakes.

Theres a lot of detail in one single skill. Ive got a long way to go before it becomes a simple automatic spiel.

While the two of us did our thing (I had alternate air source and air depletion skills) we were being evaluated by 3 different instructors. Theyve got a large set of criteria to mark us upon. Most of the time we spent in the pool was due to the 3 of them talking through our scores. I made mistakes with the pool skills and again when it was time to do different skills (free descent with reference and regulator recovery) in open water at the beach.

I have a favourite saying like trying to herd cats. Thats what it was like today when I was supposed to be doing the free descent skill. It looks so easy when other instructors do it, but not when I do it. Instead of all students descending in a nice, neat controlled manner – 1 student dropped like a stone, another had ear problems, the 3rd was not looking at me and my pretend divemaster not really assisting. Shhhessh! What a disaster!

I got a 1 for that skill (were all aiming for 5). No one student met the skill objective especially as I didnt make them all repeat the skill. I also got a 1 yesterday because my students didnt meet the required objectives during the air depletion skill.

Im hoping I learn from my mistakes and avoid anymore scores of 1.

Ive spent tonight writing up a classroom session on streamlining, a briefing on how to do a no mask swim and a sales presentation using the 4 Es.

This course is very comprehensive, its not just about being in the water. Im learning about all the other elements that make diving a successful business. This all might come in useful if I branch out on my own one day.

Im off to bed now. Since I’ve joined the #1 club I go to sleep in the hope I do better tomorrow and there will be no more scores of 1 – especially during my 2 day Instructor Exam.


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