Instructor development…. so far

Ms. Hook

So the study paid off. After a day in the classroom discussing demonstration techniques, the right things to say and playing with CPR dolls – Im now an Emergency First Response (EFR) Instructor. That means I can now (well when the paperwork has cleared) teach other people CPR, first aid and a few other things in-between. Teaching others how to save a life what a great thing to do!

So the EFR training is just the beginning. After spending Saturday at home studying dive theory, yet again, the Instructor Development Course began on Sunday.

Its just me on the IDC, which I was thinking is a good and bad thing. So far though, Ive enjoyed the experience, Jilly is good company and I have no competition for top of the class.

I seem to be a lot calmer about the IDC than I was about the Divemaster. Im not stressing out over the theory or pool skills or the upcoming 2 day instructor exams, well not yet anyway.

I guess I may be feeling calm as the first two days have been easy. Jilly has been doing most of the hard work giving me a ton of presentations. Ive been learning about the business of diving, risk management, marketing and teaching specialities. Nice and stress free kind of stuff. Surprisingly, a lot of it is quite interesting and I have to rein in my tendency to get excited and start on the lets do this, why arent they doing that?

Each day, weve had a session in the pool. Jilly has been drilling me on demonstrating skills so that I am to PADI standards and make it all look easy. Its been a fun environment, allowing me to improve my demos and each time we do it I get more confidence – I know Ill be able to become an instructor.

Tomorrow, Dips will join in on the fun and games as well as another IDC student and his teacher. Well be in the pool practicing teaching as well as playing silly students.

Wish me 4s and 5s!


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