Ms. Hook

I’m still daydreaming of my awesome weekend diving with Manta Lodge at North Stradbroke Island. I finally got to see another creature off my wish list – a Manta Ray. The much anticipated Manta Fest held in February took a while to live up to its name. We decided it should be renamed Leopard Shark Fest, so many Leopard sharks and just one brief appearance by a Manta.

I’m now used to mother nature not working to the demands of us humans, so I enjoyed the brief minute encounter we had with the Manta on Sunday morning. As I kept peering towards the surface through the low visibility hoping to see more mantas, mother nature the tricky woman, slipped a bamboo shark behind me. It was captured on camera by my dive buddy, but I didn’t see it.

It’s amazing how brief some of our encounters with underwater life can be. A white tip reef shark on the same Sunday morning dive also didn’t stick around for very long. The Leopard sharks and a massive flight of eagle rays on the Saturday morning dive definitely made up for the brief encounters, staying around long enough for us to enjoy and get some photos.

Once again Straddie delivered. Now lets see if I can get a good dive in at Julian Rocks, Byron Bay!


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