Ms. Hook

I finally got my scuba gear on again. After a few months out of the water it was so lovely to get back in the water. And not just any old reef diving I got to dive with some scary looking sharks!

All that time in the Red Sea and I didnt see a single shark. Here was my chance to rectify that.

Shark Fest, was a weekend trip with Pro Dive Brisbane which took us out to Stradbroke Island to dive with the Manta Lodge crew.

Id been diving at Straddie before, but as per the Red Sea, I’d not seen anything scarier than a Wobbegong.

Im so stoked to have spent time in the water with the Grey Nurse sharks. They had a bad rep for being man eaters, but they seemed quite placid and a little curious to me. Now that theyre a protected species I guess theyre a little calmer around humans.

My fellow divers and I hunted these bronze beauties with our cameras. I was so wishing I could afford or even carry a beastie of a camera with strobes and associated lenses, so many great photo opportunities. As long as you stay still they just swim on past you, back and forth along their little alleyway. Mesmerizing! grey nurse shark

Ill definitely be going back – just when its warmer (I was such a wuss over the cold, need to get a dry suit!). Summer brings the big mantas.

Local diving rocks!

Thanks to Pro Dive Brisbane and Manta Lodge for a great weekend.


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