I like..

Watching ads on TV, you tend to go into zobmbie mode, waiting for the next segment of your show to start. The Lady Gaga, Google Chrome ad brought me out of zombie zone. In amongst all her little monsters in her ad, Benjamin Teacher stood out to me.

Recently there’s been a lot of live music around, leaving me wishing I could play guitar. Who doesn’t want to be a rock star of some kind. I was contemplating slide guitar, however I don’t need to give up on the idea of playing ‘normal’ guitar. Bejamin Teacher is my inspiration for the week. Proof once again that things are possible, if you want them to be.

If you’d not seen him before, here’s his YouTube video.

Enjoy 🙂

27 July 2011 – Just an update to this post. I also came across Jon Jenkins in my search for guitar inspiration. Another talented guy. Now I have two options for playing guitar!


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