Imperfectly Perfect

It’s that time again, it’s my ampuversary. My 10th ampuversary. Which is a big deal, because I had hoped that by my 10th year I’d have a new arm just like Luke Skywalker. I’ll just have to settle for dabbling with 3D Printing for now.

Some of you know that I usually make amputee gingerbread men and, in exchange, ask people to drop a couple of coins in a box for a worthy charity.

This year, as it’s hard to post baked goods, I went with a different approach. I wanted to do something tangible. My first plan was to get some cute gingerbread stress toys – until I realised that postage would be 3 times the price of the actual toy. Great!

So I was sitting here scratching my head and I realised that I had a bunch of shrinky paper, jump rings and cord that I could something with; and I came up with these designs that you can buy.

$8.00 from every sale will go to Limbs4Life who have been very supportive of me an many other limbless people here in Australia.

Some of my limb different friends wanted in on the cuteness, I need to give thanks to the following for their awesome drawings:

Each design is as imperfectly perfect as I am. (That’s code for they’re not jewellery store quality….)

I had fun making these, and was learning and growing with each one.

I hope you like them too!

If you don’t wish to purchase on of the below designs, you should consider donating direct to Limbs4Life via their website.



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