It’s ohh so quiet….

Ms. Hook

Its now the quiet period for the dive industry here in Sharm. Not many people on holidays means not many people wanting to dive. Quite a few of the instructors take holidays at this time of year. I can understand why, sitting around for a couple of days with no work is very boring.

This has been the part of living the dream that has been hardest for me. Ive had so many years of full time/permanent employment that Im still adjusting to being a freelance/casual employee. To go from that type of job/pay security to freelance, only knowing what youre doing today and tomorrow is doing my head in.

Its taken a while, but Im slowly adjusting to being a casual worker and the days off. I use the time to sleep, relax and experiment on new ideas for my 1-UP hair ties mostly though; Im just a couch potato.


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