One Hand Tips – Jewellery

Here’s my latest video. In it I show you how to put on jewellery one handed, (sometimes I cheat, using my residual limb). The video includes: watches, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings.

Hopefully this will help many of you, or at least give you ideas that you may adapt to your abilities.

If you do things differently, please share your tips with us.

Here’s the links to all the pictures I used in the video. (I’m not endorsing any particular brand, style or price range. I just used pictures that I thought would provide a bit more detail to you all.)

Blue cuff watch –
Black cuff watch –
Swatch Butterfly Dream –
Silver Heart elasticated watch –
Disco Ball elasticated watch –
Casio Ediface –
Plastic strap watches –
Fish Hook earring –
Latch Back earring –
Sleeper Earring –
Stud earring –


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