One Handed Straightening

instyler I’ve been slack I know it. I keep saying I’m going to do new videos and then I get a pimple on my nose or I feel fat or I’m just too busy.

No, they’re still not done, but based on the response to the pic I put on Facebook today, I guess I better get over myself, wear a mu-mu and film some stuff!

I am not a girly girl. Before my amputation I looked after my hair the same way I do after amputation – usually whack it into a ponytail. I’ve never been one to spend hours under the hair dryer, partially because my hair goes nuts and acts hateful for days after.

But every now and then I try to do something different. In a bathroom drawer are 3 tools that I won’t be using again, because with one hand, I either burn myself or can’t get it to work right. I fell for the hype of the InStyler and am now very happy to say that occasionally I can now rock a bit of straight hair – without paying the hairdresser a fortune.

I’m still not a girly girl ok!

I will add using the InStyler to the list of videos I need to do. Now I’m off to shop for a mu-mu.


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