Ampuversary – 8 years

It’s my ampuversary! 8 years since life got interesting. Once again I celebrated by being kooky and making some “amputee” cookies (finger less hands and legless gingerbread men). The cookies tasted so good that I couldn’t help but eat them – forget about decorating them!

I felt a bit guilty after eating all those cookies, so I went for a bike ride along the beach. 20km later I felt a little less guilty and a lot wobbly in the legs.

I usually ride my bike with out a prosthetic, but I’d recently started using a hand attachment in spin classes at the gym. I use the same socket as my hook, it pops out and in pops the hand. The hand is a heavy bugger, it’s just a static device to help stabilize you.

I’m still not sure yet if it’s better to ride with it or with out it.  It did cause a stir at one point on my bike ride – I dismounted from the bike and the hand stayed attached to the handle bar. Prosthetics, they can be amusing!



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