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Life is sweet and crunchy!

Today I celebrate! It’s been 11 years since I happily parted ways with my misbehaving left hand and started a new chapter of my life.

Once again I’m making up my kooky amputee gingerbread cookies, and will be asking my work colleagues to join me in a bit of sweet fundraising.

This year I have selected the Touched by Olivia Foundation (TBOF) to be the charity I raise funds for. The story behind why TBOF exists and what they do has resonated with me on many levels – because of rare vascular conditions (I have one) and how the foundation is making play accessible and inclusive for little and big kids (like me!).

There are so many amazing people in the world who have taken grief and loss and turned it into inspiration for many others. My heart and praises go out to the Perkins family for the work they (and their team) are doing for Australian communities in memory of Olivia.

If you wish to join in my ampuversary fundraising efforts and help TBOF build inclusive playgrounds and experiences, go to Touched by Olivia Foundation at

Alternatively you might like to purchase one of my handmade, limited edition, ampuversary gingerbread keyrings from my website. $8.00 of every keyring purchased will be donated to TBOF to help them with their projects.

11th Ampuversary

1-UP Hair Ties & Hands to Love

handstoloveThe Hands to Love camp is not too far away!

A request from Occupational Therapist Shari saw me make up these two custom hair ties for the camp.

Shari will hold a presentation on the 1-UP Hair Ties for all the happy campers – and their parents.

If you want your own 1-UP Hair Tie, check out the online shop – I ship orders to where ever the postman goes!

New adventures

SUP1Last year I celebrated my birthday during our annual trip to scuba dive with Grey Nurse sharks. This year I wanted to do something that any of my family or friends could participate in.

As you all know, I’m always keen to try out new activities. There’s a bit of a craze for Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) going on around here, I thought that would be a fun day out for everyone.

I found the Boatshed, a local hire shop, conveniently located next to a park, so I set up a Paddle & Picnic day. And what a perfect day it was. August is the end of winter here, usually accompanied by horrible cold westerly winds, but we had clear sunny skies and no wind.

On top of the perfect weather, I found that I could paddle my way around on a SUP – no problems! The only time I fell in was when I was faffing around with my camera and got distracted.

I knew from past experience with paddling a canoe that I would need to protect my stump from chafing. So I was doubly protected on the day with my rash vest not only stopping the chafe, but saving me from a case of sunburn.

I was definitely stronger paddling on my right, the power in the pull of my good hand shows how much that gym time is strengthening my body.

When paddling on my short side, I would use the crook of my elbow to pull. And when I got to the end of the stroke, I’d pivot the fin pole on my left hip as a way to finish the stroke.
Fish hunting with my wee mate Rhys

I’m definitely going to be doing this again, and again and again. Maybe you’ll give it a go too??

Helping Hands Midwest Picnic & Silent Auction


New 1-UP Hair Tie designs – available to purchase in the near future.

Some days I wish I still lived on the other side of the world. There are so many events happening in the Northern Hemisphere at the moment – Helping Hands Midwest is having a big picnic this weekend.

It looks like a lot of fun and a chance to catch up with some amazing people.

I’ll be waiting for the results of their silent auction, because I’ve sent these new design 1-UP Hair Ties over. I’ll be there in spirit I guess.

Thanks to the Lucky Fin Project for getting me involved. Hope everybody has a great time.


Amputee Expo

Life Without Limits Amputee Expo held by Limbs4Life

What a great day of networking, discovery and friendship!

Life Without Limits Amputee Expo

I’m very excited about the upcoming expo held by Limbs4Life and Otto Bock. Not only is it a chance to meet other amputees, but it will be my first trip to Melbourne (It’s about time I started exploring Australia!).

The expo, on 6th October, will give individuals living with limb loss direct access to manufactures’ of prosthetic componentry, equipment suppliers, and a variety of other organisations and individuals who support amputee care.

Come by and meet prosthetic manufactures; hear guest speakers, see advances in assistive device products, footwear specialists and many more at Australia’s First Amputee Expo.

Look out for my booth in the exhibition hall, where I’ll have my range of 1-UP hair ties available for purchase. My portable workshop will be there too, so you can request custom designs and have them made there and then – same day service!

Click here to download the Expo Information Pack.