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New “How-To” Video

I’ve been asked a few times if a person with limb differences could use the 1-UP Hair Tie to do someone else’s hair.

Until recently, I’ve been unable to truthfully answer the question; I don’t have children, and no one asks me to do their hair for them.

Not that long ago, the daughter of a friend asked for her ponytail to be fixed. I took the opportunity to see if I could do it with a 1-UP Hair Tie. And was happy to say it worked!

I knew I’d need to put a video together so you could see if you could come up with your own technique.

At a recent lunch I pulled aside a few of my girlfriends daughters and got them to help me out.

Before going on camera, I did a trial run on each of the girls. So the video you will see is pretty much unrehearsed. There’s nothing perfect with any of the ponytails or bunches I make. You’ll be seeing the 5th, 6th and 7th attempts I’ve ever made.

I’m hoping that despite the imperfect results, you’ll see the possibilities and maybe a way that you can adapt to your own abilities.


Doing someone else’s hair

I recently had the opportunity to do someone else’s hair with the 1-UP.

I’m very happy to say that it worked first go!

It was such a quick moment in time that I didn’t even think to take a photo – very unlike me.

I’ll get some proper instructions up soon, in the interim see if this is any help:
1. Make the loop as normal ( i did similar to the two hand version
2. Put it over the other person’s head, same position (like a headband) as you would on yourself
3. Stand behind the person
4. Pull the elastic, while slowly directing the loop towards the back of the head
5. When ponytail is in desired position, pull tight on the elastic
6. Wrap the loose ends around the pony tail

New adventures

SUP1Last year I celebrated my birthday during our annual trip to scuba dive with Grey Nurse sharks. This year I wanted to do something that any of my family or friends could participate in.

As you all know, I’m always keen to try out new activities. There’s a bit of a craze for Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) going on around here, I thought that would be a fun day out for everyone.

I found the Boatshed, a local hire shop, conveniently located next to a park, so I set up a Paddle & Picnic day. And what a perfect day it was. August is the end of winter here, usually accompanied by horrible cold westerly winds, but we had clear sunny skies and no wind.

On top of the perfect weather, I found that I could paddle my way around on a SUP – no problems! The only time I fell in was when I was faffing around with my camera and got distracted.

I knew from past experience with paddling a canoe that I would need to protect my stump from chafing. So I was doubly protected on the day with my rash vest not only stopping the chafe, but saving me from a case of sunburn.

I was definitely stronger paddling on my right, the power in the pull of my good hand shows how much that gym time is strengthening my body.

When paddling on my short side, I would use the crook of my elbow to pull. And when I got to the end of the stroke, I’d pivot the fin pole on my left hip as a way to finish the stroke.
Fish hunting with my wee mate Rhys

I’m definitely going to be doing this again, and again and again. Maybe you’ll give it a go too??

One Hand Tips – Hair Straightening

As promised, here’s the video of me, straightening out my bed head mop with an InStyler – one handed.

Hopefully this video will give you a bit of inspiration to experiment with techniques that match your abilities (or at least you can now consider purchasing a straightener – or adding it to your birthday present wish list).

I have not yet perfected my straight and sleek look! I will get better (and faster) with a bit more practice.

In reality I can use my residual limb to make the whole process go faster, but I wanted to show those of you that are truly one handed that this may be a new trick you could add to your bag – and gain another handful of independence.

If any of you have tips or tricks for hair straightening, please do not hesitate to add it to the comments.

One Handed Straightening

instyler I’ve been slack I know it. I keep saying I’m going to do new videos and then I get a pimple on my nose or I feel fat or I’m just too busy.

No, they’re still not done, but based on the response to the pic I put on Facebook today, I guess I better get over myself, wear a mu-mu and film some stuff!

I am not a girly girl. Before my amputation I looked after my hair the same way I do after amputation – usually whack it into a ponytail. I’ve never been one to spend hours under the hair dryer, partially because my hair goes nuts and acts hateful for days after.

But every now and then I try to do something different. In a bathroom drawer are 3 tools that I won’t be using again, because with one hand, I either burn myself or can’t get it to work right. I fell for the hype of the InStyler and am now very happy to say that occasionally I can now rock a bit of straight hair – without paying the hairdresser a fortune.

I’m still not a girly girl ok!

I will add using the InStyler to the list of videos I need to do. Now I’m off to shop for a mu-mu.

Band Practice

One handed guitar, amputeeIt’s been a few months since I picked up my guitar, but thanks to one of my work colleagues, my enthusiasm had been renewed.

Steve has a full studio setup in his house, so after a long day of voice recording (for my day job) I plucked a beautiful blue acoustic guitar down from the wall and started plucking away. It was so funny to see Steve in the room like a shot. Within minutes, he had his guitar plugged in, the mike on and all systems ready to go for a jam session.

Time flew and before I knew it 2 hours had passed and I had some cheat techniques and 6 songs in my repitoire. Of course we were playing at half speed, but never mind that – got to crawl before you can rock out!

Guitar Challenge #1

So back in May I wrote about learning the guitar. I had set myself a challenge; could I learn at least one song in time to play with the company band in June?

The answer is Yes!

One song only, but here I am, playing JJ Cales’ Cocaine with The Responders.

Don’t look too closely now, I’ve now got to work on my guitar playing face. Ha!

Thanks to all my colleagues and the audience for their support and encouragement.

Did it!

If there’s an opportunity to get in the sea, I’m there! Today I checked out the Disabled Surfers Association. I had a great time, met awesome people and definately had a smile on my dial!

The event even made it into the local press.

Click here to go to the DSA website and check out your local group.

I’ll definately be going to the last surf of the summer next month!


Pigtails with the 1-UP

Last week a potential customer asked me if pigtails could be made with the 1-UP. As things have been a little be hectic around here of late, I only stopped to think about it today.

What seemed like something that might be a lot of faffing around to make possible, is actually quite simple.

As you can see from the photo, it can be done!

I took the photo after my second attempt to do the pigtails, so it’s a little bit messy. I feel like a little girl again, it’s been so long since I wore pigtails.

Instructions and how-to video will follow in the near future.

4 minutes of fame…

What an awesome opportunity!

Thanks to invigorate, the P.R. team for the PromOTing better living expo, I was invited to appear on the Kerri-anne show for a chat about adventure, challenges and the 1-UP hair tie.