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New! Double loop 1-UP

Here’s a quick and dirty video I did tonight to show the new double loop 1-UP One Hand Hair Tie I recently created.

In one of my videos that I created for stroke survivors, I had suggested that people tie a loop in their 1-UP. I realised that this was an ineffective option.

This new version of the 1-UP has a button on one end, which creates a sliding loop that can be used to assist people with creating tension for making the perfect ponytail with a 1-UP one hand hair tie.

The loop can be put over residual limbs, a paralysed arm, plaster casts, toes/feet for the stand up method or other things, such as part of wheel chair.

If the design is popular I will branch out into other styles of buttons and cord colours. Once released, the loop can be shrunk down to the button, to be left hanging, wrapped or pinned like the long end of the regular 1-UP.

Look for ‘double loop‘ in the online shop.

Imperfectly Perfect

It’s that time again, it’s my ampuversary. My 10th ampuversary. Which is a big deal, because I had hoped that by my 10th year I’d have a new arm just like Luke Skywalker. I’ll just have to settle for dabbling with 3D Printing for now.

Some of you know that I usually make amputee gingerbread men and, in exchange, ask people to drop a couple of coins in a box for a worthy charity.

This year, as it’s hard to post baked goods, I went with a different approach. I wanted to do something tangible. My first plan was to get some cute gingerbread stress toys – until I realised that postage would be 3 times the price of the actual toy. Great!

So I was sitting here scratching my head and I realised that I had a bunch of shrinky paper, jump rings and cord that I could something with; and I came up with these designs that you can buy.

$8.00 from every sale will go to Limbs4Life who have been very supportive of me an many other limbless people here in Australia.

Some of my limb different friends wanted in on the cuteness, I need to give thanks to the following for their awesome drawings:

Each design is as imperfectly perfect as I am. (That’s code for they’re not jewellery store quality….)

I had fun making these, and was learning and growing with each one.

I hope you like them too!

If you don’t wish to purchase on of the below designs, you should consider donating direct to Limbs4Life via their website.


Christmas Orders

Are you looking to buy 1-UP Hair Ties to give as Christmas gifts?

If you live outside of Australia you best place your order by 2nd December.

Usually it takes anywhere between 5-9 business days for international delivery, however last year there were a number of late deliveries. US Mail was the biggest offender over the Christmas/New Year period.

Avoid disappointment and shop early!









New stock online

1-UP Hair Tie, One Hand, One Handed HairWell the new products are online. Took me 6 hours longer than I planned, had to do it all via my mobile phone. There’s something hinky with the hotel’s internet.

New Design

Toggle Free 1-UP’s

Brown Tigerstripe 1-UP hair tie

I’m trying something new – no toggles, just beads or buttons. They work the same way as the other 1-UP’s. The bead or button replaces the toggle.

However (and I don’t want to make it sound like they’re rubbish) some of you may find these a little bit of a fiddle to use.

As the bead only has one hole (compared to toggles that have two holes) Ive created a “loop type knot” to stop the cord coming through the bead. This “loop knot” could become a tangle for some – which is not going to give a handful of independence.

Contact me if you are considering purchasing one – I’ll set you straight.

Open for business

BLACK is BACK! And so is everything else.

It took me a bit longer than I thought, but the 1-UP shop is back online.

COMPARTMENT SEVENTY6 has been moved to my wordpress site. It looks a lot cleaner now and the shop page has a neat tag cloud, so you can find items by keyword. The instructions and videos, links and FAQ are all there to help you out.

On top of that is my blog, where I continue with my random ramblings (there’s a lot of dive stuff). I’m not sure if my blogging will help you or if it’s just a chance for me to blow hot air into the www.

If anyone wants to contribute or share how they make the 1-UP hair Tie work for them, drop me an email.

I’m off to vegetate on the couch for a bit. Have a great weekend all 🙂

I like…

Now, I’m not really big on buying assistive living items, I do my best to get by with the same stuff everyone else uses. However, I think that the ceramic dinnerware made by these guys are great. No more chasing that last bite around the plate! I bought 4 of each, so it’s not going to be obvious when guests are over for dinner 🙂

New stock..

Yay, new cord just arrived! Even got some dark brown and tan colours to play with. Hope to have new stock ready in the next week or two.