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Living One Handed – Podcasts

Ryan from Living One Handed has been busy interviewing many amazing and inspiring people. Have a listen to his first few interviews with baseballer Jim Abbott and Ryan O’Neal from Sleeping at Last.

Also keep an eye out for an upcoming 1-UP Hair tie competition run in conjunction with Living One Handed.

Living One Handed

Thank you!

Thank you everyone for your recent custom! I’m so glad I left the shop open while I went on business travel. So many of you have ordered in the last few weeks. And big thanks to my Mum for taking on shipping duty 🙂

I’m sorry that we’ve run out of the most popular designs. I’ve got supplies on order, I hope to have your favourites back online in March.

New stock online

1-UP Hair Tie, One Hand, One Handed HairWell the new products are online. Took me 6 hours longer than I planned, had to do it all via my mobile phone. There’s something hinky with the hotel’s internet.

Sorry for the wait

Snowed under!

Sorry everyone for the delay in getting the new stock online. I’m on a business trip for my day job and have been snowed under with work. I’ll get them up in the next few hours.

Amputee Expo

Life Without Limits Amputee Expo held by Limbs4Life

What a great day of networking, discovery and friendship!

1-UP Customer Tip

Thanks to Jenn from Canada for her email. You might want to try her bobby pin/kirby grip method.

Just wanted to say thank you for making a great idea happen! I’m not an amputee but a quadriplegic. Getting my own hair pulled into a pony tail is next to impossible. For years I’ve had short hair and it wasn’t an issue, but in the last year or so I’ve been growing it out. Pulling it up wasn’t much of an issue until the summer heat. One day I was thinking there’s got to be a way to do this. I came up with an idea like yours and thought someone has got to have come up with a way to solve this. I Googled and found your site, was excited and ordered that day.

The way that works best for me is the 2 handed method (even though my hands don’t work). I found I wasn’t able to wrap the strings tight enough to keep them in place, so I added ‘bobby pins’ to the ends at the knots. After I wrap the strings I stick them in my hair and they stay in place.

Sorry that’s a bit long, but really just wanted to let you know how you added something else to my independence. 🙂

If you are using the 1-up a different way, drop me an email or comment on the blog and share your story.


As many of you know I ran a competition in May to win a free 1-UP Hair Tie.

I’m excited to announce that the winner is Rosie from the UK!

Thank you to all who entered the give-away.  If you have any suggestions for what you’d like as the next freebie prize, let me know via the comments box below.

New Instructions – Pig Tails

Ahh I feel a little too old for these, but you always feel cute when you do it.

Here are the instructions for making pig tails.  I hope they work for you and you feel cute too!

Click hereto view a larger version of the image.

Instructions for making pig tails with 1-UP hair ties

New Instructions – Two Hands

I’ve been meaning to write up these instructions for a while.  

I get quite a few queries (and orders) from those that have survived a stroke, are living with nerve damage like Erb’s Palsy, have just broken a wrist, have hemiplegia – etc.

The 1-UP works just as well with two hands as it does with one.  Some of you may be leaning a little to the left or right when you use it, but it should do the trick.

Click here to view a larger version of the image.




Freebie! May 2012


It’s on again! Enter today to win a 1-UP Hair Tie.

The winner will receive a 1-UP Basic hair tie of their colour choice (postage included). Complete the below form to enter. At the end of May I’ll select a person at random as the winner.

Congratulations to the May 2012 Freebie winner – Rosie from England!