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New! Double loop 1-UP

Here’s a quick and dirty video I did tonight to show the new double loop 1-UP One Hand Hair Tie I recently created.

In one of my videos that I created for stroke survivors, I had suggested that people tie a loop in their 1-UP. I realised that this was an ineffective option.

This new version of the 1-UP has a button on one end, which creates a sliding loop that can be used to assist people with creating tension for making the perfect ponytail with a 1-UP one hand hair tie.

The loop can be put over residual limbs, a paralysed arm, plaster casts, toes/feet for the stand up method or other things, such as part of wheel chair.

If the design is popular I will branch out into other styles of buttons and cord colours. Once released, the loop can be shrunk down to the button, to be left hanging, wrapped or pinned like the long end of the regular 1-UP.

Look for ‘double loop‘ in the online shop.

New “How-To” Video

I’ve been asked a few times if a person with limb differences could use the 1-UP Hair Tie to do someone else’s hair.

Until recently, I’ve been unable to truthfully answer the question; I don’t have children, and no one asks me to do their hair for them.

Not that long ago, the daughter of a friend asked for her ponytail to be fixed. I took the opportunity to see if I could do it with a 1-UP Hair Tie. And was happy to say it worked!

I knew I’d need to put a video together so you could see if you could come up with your own technique.

At a recent lunch I pulled aside a few of my girlfriends daughters and got them to help me out.

Before going on camera, I did a trial run on each of the girls. So the video you will see is pretty much unrehearsed. There’s nothing perfect with any of the ponytails or bunches I make. You’ll be seeing the 5th, 6th and 7th attempts I’ve ever made.

I’m hoping that despite the imperfect results, you’ll see the possibilities and maybe a way that you can adapt to your own abilities.


One Handed Exercise

Have you met Paul De Gelder before? He’s a lovely fella. If you’ve read his book, you’ll know that he’s a bit of a fitness nut – he was exercising in his hospital bed while recovering from his amputations.

When I saw a Facebook post of Paul at the gym last year, I had to find out what he was using. It’s just a weightlifting hook that you can buy from the sports store.

I was pretty quick to copy him. And after a bit of a play, I’ve adapted mine by drilling two holes in the metal part and adding different size carabiners. The holes and carabiners add an extra level of security and functionality. I can loop the carabiner around a kettle bell, hook on to the cable systems, pull the rower and even do assisted chin ups.

Depending on the exercise, I wear it either on my forearm or, above the elbow.

This thing is an equalizer! Before I could not use half the stuff at the gym, now, the boys have to wait their turn until I finish my reps!

Last week Paul put out this video, showing all the stuff he uses at the gym.

The next morning, inspired by his video, I got my personal trainer to take a few snaps during our arm session.

I’m no where near as buff as Paul, but I’m working on it. Maybe you will too!

workout with weightlifting hook

One Hand Tip – Shoe laces

How do you tie your shoe laces? Check out this video from my favourite mixed martial artist Nick Newell.

One Hand Tip – Blow Drying Hair

Did you enter the Online Scavenger Hunt competition? You could win an InStyler!

In the mean time, here’s another handy modification that will allow you to brush and dry hair one handed.

Doing someone else’s hair

I recently had the opportunity to do someone else’s hair with the 1-UP.

I’m very happy to say that it worked first go!

It was such a quick moment in time that I didn’t even think to take a photo – very unlike me.

I’ll get some proper instructions up soon, in the interim see if this is any help:
1. Make the loop as normal ( i did similar to the two hand version
2. Put it over the other person’s head, same position (like a headband) as you would on yourself
3. Stand behind the person
4. Pull the elastic, while slowly directing the loop towards the back of the head
5. When ponytail is in desired position, pull tight on the elastic
6. Wrap the loose ends around the pony tail

Will it work for me!?

will_it_work_for_me?I am find myself constantly in wonder of the different people contacting me about the 1-UP hair tie.

When I first started selling these, I was only thinking of amputees like myself. I was so unaware of any other condition outside my lil sphere of life.

Over the years I’ve heard from many people with differing conditions and abilities. They’ve shared their many successes and a few, their disappointment. I actually want to address the disappointment in this post – in case you are considering buying a 1-UP hair tie. I want for everyone to have that handful of independence.

With the 1-UP there are a few things you need to be able to do, no matter your abilities and differences:

  1. Can you put a headband in your hair? (Part of setting up the 1-UP to make a pony tail)
  2. Do you have strength needed to pull the elastic tight? (Need to be able to pull tight to get the best hold on your hair)
  3. Can you reach the top or back of your head? (Need to be able to reach a little to guide your hair to the desired pony tail position – and to wrap or pin up the loose ends of the elastic)

Unfortunately that may exclude some from getting the 1-UP to work for them. I am happy to have a chat to see if a new design could be created – I’m all for being inclusive and creative!

I’m hoping however that you’re up for the challenge of making a pony tail your way with the 1-UP.

One Handed Straightening

instyler I’ve been slack I know it. I keep saying I’m going to do new videos and then I get a pimple on my nose or I feel fat or I’m just too busy.

No, they’re still not done, but based on the response to the pic I put on Facebook today, I guess I better get over myself, wear a mu-mu and film some stuff!

I am not a girly girl. Before my amputation I looked after my hair the same way I do after amputation – usually whack it into a ponytail. I’ve never been one to spend hours under the hair dryer, partially because my hair goes nuts and acts hateful for days after.

But every now and then I try to do something different. In a bathroom drawer are 3 tools that I won’t be using again, because with one hand, I either burn myself or can’t get it to work right. I fell for the hype of the InStyler and am now very happy to say that occasionally I can now rock a bit of straight hair – without paying the hairdresser a fortune.

I’m still not a girly girl ok!

I will add using the InStyler to the list of videos I need to do. Now I’m off to shop for a mu-mu.

Ampuversary – 8 years

It’s my ampuversary! 8 years since life got interesting. Once again I celebrated by being kooky and making some “amputee” cookies (finger less hands and legless gingerbread men). The cookies tasted so good that I couldn’t help but eat them – forget about decorating them!

I felt a bit guilty after eating all those cookies, so I went for a bike ride along the beach. 20km later I felt a little less guilty and a lot wobbly in the legs.

I usually ride my bike with out a prosthetic, but I’d recently started using a hand attachment in spin classes at the gym. I use the same socket as my hook, it pops out and in pops the hand. The hand is a heavy bugger, it’s just a static device to help stabilize you.

I’m still not sure yet if it’s better to ride with it or with out it.  It did cause a stir at one point on my bike ride – I dismounted from the bike and the hand stayed attached to the handle bar. Prosthetics, they can be amusing!


Living One Handed – Podcasts

Ryan from Living One Handed has been busy interviewing many amazing and inspiring people. Have a listen to his first few interviews with baseballer Jim Abbott and Ryan O’Neal from Sleeping at Last.

Also keep an eye out for an upcoming 1-UP Hair tie competition run in conjunction with Living One Handed.

Living One Handed