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New! Double loop 1-UP

Here’s a quick and dirty video I did tonight to show the new double loop 1-UP One Hand Hair Tie I recently created.

In one of my videos that I created for stroke survivors, I had suggested that people tie a loop in their 1-UP. I realised that this was an ineffective option.

This new version of the 1-UP has a button on one end, which creates a sliding loop that can be used to assist people with creating tension for making the perfect ponytail with a 1-UP one hand hair tie.

The loop can be put over residual limbs, a paralysed arm, plaster casts, toes/feet for the stand up method or other things, such as part of wheel chair.

If the design is popular I will branch out into other styles of buttons and cord colours. Once released, the loop can be shrunk down to the button, to be left hanging, wrapped or pinned like the long end of the regular 1-UP.

Look for ‘double loop‘ in the online shop.

New “how-to” video

Here’s new video I created last week for people with either a permanent or temporary form of paralysis or hemiparesis.

This includes my cerebral palsy, stroke survivor gals and guys as well as anyone stuck in a plaster cast for a few weeks. I have recorded two different methods of using the 1-UP hair tie with two hands.

While I say the technique is for two handed people with some form of paralysis, I think the video may help some of my limbless followers to inspire a whole new way of doing ponytails that better suits their abilities.