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Ms. Hook

I finally got my scuba gear on again. After a few months out of the water it was so lovely to get back in the water. And not just any old reef diving I got to dive with some scary looking sharks!

All that time in the Red Sea and I didnt see a single shark. Here was my chance to rectify that.

Shark Fest, was a weekend trip with Pro Dive Brisbane which took us out to Stradbroke Island to dive with the Manta Lodge crew.

Id been diving at Straddie before, but as per the Red Sea, I’d not seen anything scarier than a Wobbegong.

Im so stoked to have spent time in the water with the Grey Nurse sharks. They had a bad rep for being man eaters, but they seemed quite placid and a little curious to me. Now that theyre a protected species I guess theyre a little calmer around humans.

My fellow divers and I hunted these bronze beauties with our cameras. I was so wishing I could afford or even carry a beastie of a camera with strobes and associated lenses, so many great photo opportunities. As long as you stay still they just swim on past you, back and forth along their little alleyway. Mesmerizing! grey nurse shark

Ill definitely be going back – just when its warmer (I was such a wuss over the cold, need to get a dry suit!). Summer brings the big mantas.

Local diving rocks!

Thanks to Pro Dive Brisbane and Manta Lodge for a great weekend.

I like..

Watching ads on TV, you tend to go into zobmbie mode, waiting for the next segment of your show to start. The Lady Gaga, Google Chrome ad brought me out of zombie zone. In amongst all her little monsters in her ad, Benjamin Teacher stood out to me.

Recently there’s been a lot of live music around, leaving me wishing I could play guitar. Who doesn’t want to be a rock star of some kind. I was contemplating slide guitar, however I don’t need to give up on the idea of playing ‘normal’ guitar. Bejamin Teacher is my inspiration for the week. Proof once again that things are possible, if you want them to be.

If you’d not seen him before, here’s his YouTube video.

Enjoy 🙂

27 July 2011 – Just an update to this post. I also came across Jon Jenkins in my search for guitar inspiration. Another talented guy. Now I have two options for playing guitar!

Support the NDIS

NDIS Take Action

Every Australian Counts needs 100,000 supporters.

Please join the campaign!

I found out about this campaign yesterday while attending a Limbs 4 Life, Amputees in Motion conference. I thought I’d make use of web power and get you all to help get the NDIS reach 100,000 supporters.

What is it?

Every Australian Counts is the campaign for the introduction of a National Disability Insurance Scheme. The NDIS will revolutionise the way people with a disability, their families and carers are supported in this country.

We need to show the government that there is widespread community support for change and that the time for action has come.

You can support the campaign, by taking action to make every Australian count.

Ten reasons why we need the NDIS

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Freebie! July 2011

To celebrate thestart of my Aussie workshop I’m running a little competition.

The winner will receivea 1-UP Basic hair tie of their colour choice (postage included). Complete the below form to enter. At the end of July I’ll select a person at random as the winner.

Open for business

BLACK is BACK! And so is everything else.

It took me a bit longer than I thought, but the 1-UP shop is back online.

COMPARTMENT SEVENTY6 has been moved to my wordpress site. It looks a lot cleaner now and the shop page has a neat tag cloud, so you can find items by keyword. The instructions and videos, links and FAQ are all there to help you out.

On top of that is my blog, where I continue with my random ramblings (there’s a lot of dive stuff). I’m not sure if my blogging will help you or if it’s just a chance for me to blow hot air into the www.

If anyone wants to contribute or share how they make the 1-UP hair Tie work for them, drop me an email.

I’m off to vegetate on the couch for a bit. Have a great weekend all 🙂


Tip! A Topsy Tail tool works well with the 1-UP. (I just found the one I had from years back and gave it a go.) Buy one, or make your own and add another hair style to your repertoire. Checkout this blog for details.

I like…

Now, I’m not really big on buying assistive living items, I do my best to get by with the same stuff everyone else uses. However, I think that the ceramic dinnerware made by these guys are great. No more chasing that last bite around the plate! I bought 4 of each, so it’s not going to be obvious when guests are over for dinner 🙂

Read it…

Sarah Funes, (a San Mateo County activist, 1-UP wearer and cancer survivor) was part of the team creating the Silver Scorpion. I just finished reading it and looking forward to more!

New stock..

Yay, new cord just arrived! Even got some dark brown and tan colours to play with. Hope to have new stock ready in the next week or two.

The challenge continues

Ms. Hook

I thought my time here would be about overcoming physical challenges, but right now its just a challenge to work.

Im sure many of you have heard a lot of late about Sharm El Sheikh and Egypt in general. As Divernet wrote, Sharm seemed to be suffering from the trinity of sharks [attacks in December], season and the political turmoil. A combination of low tourist season, unusual shark attacks, snowstorms across Europe and now a country in crisis has hit the tourism industry and were all feeling it.

As I write this Sharm is still a safe place to be. There are no protests, riots or tanks on the streets. Many people are still laying in the sunshine enjoying their holidays. We still have quite a few guests coming to dive with Ocean College. The diving here is still great. As there are a lot less people in town you sometimes get to be the only boat on a dive site.
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